How to Apply Make-up That Will Last All Day Long

Women spend an extreme amount of time applying their makeup in preparation for meeting their day,How to Apply Make-up That Will Last All Day Long Articles looking their best. Only to take a break a few hours after going to work, and finding the makeup mirror shows it has all worn away. It can be time consuming, frustrating, and inappropriate to take the time away from work to reapply makeup time after time during their day. With a few tips women can find they are saving money, time and effort by applying makeup in such a way that it remains on their face all day long.

1. Foundation For All Day Wear
Invariably foundation is the first portion of women’s makeup regime to wear off. Women can have that long lasting glow that outshines the shine of bare skin quite easily by making a few changes in their daily facial care, and makeup application.

– If exfoliating is not already a part of a woman’s facial cleansing regime, she should begin now. Exfoliating removes layers of dead skin, and prepares the skin to hold the foundation. Much like a sanded piece of wood will hold paint without peeling.
– To achieve the longest wear from foundation women can apply a makeup primer. Back to wood painting, the same applies to skin; a paint primer gives longevity to a paint job, by adhering to both the raw material and the paint. Makeup primer does the same for the skin and makeup.
– Always allow moisturizer or makeup primer to completely dry before applying foundation. Applying foundation to an oily surface of wet moisturizer will just shorten the life of the foundation application.
– Use a powder to set the foundation. Re-applying a layer of powder is quite simple and quick, compared to re-applying foundation over the entire facial area. Powders should closely resemble the shade of foundation, so when it does wear off women are not left with two tones of facial skin.

2.Blush Application for Shape and Definition
Without blush the contours of a woman’s face tend to lose their unique http://swiatkosmetykow.com/ shapes. To define magnificent cheekbones, or to add definition to small ones, blush is the perfect disguise.

– Blush should give a natural look to a woman’s face, in order to achieve an all day appearance of a finished look, use a cream blush for longevity and definition.
– As with foundations, using a powder blush to set the cream blush will lengthen the life of the application, and when they are the same color, blush will not appear overdone.

3. Eye Makeup That Stays On the Eyes All Day

No woman wants to resemble a raccoon or only have one eye that is clearly perfect and another that is missing its application of the same definition.
– Once more go back to properly painted wood, women need an eye makeup primer. Just like facial makeup foundations, eyes need something to hold the eye shadows in place.
– Like the application of a blush, the cream eye shadows set by powder ones will have longevity, and the added appearance of a professionally applied eye makeup application.
– Smudged eyeliner is usually caused by the application of pencil eyeliner. Using a liquid eyeliner that is extremely hard to smudge, and it stays on the eyes for lasting beauty and definition.
– A woman’s choice of eye mascara should always be where she is not afraid to spend a little more for a better product that not only defines each lash without clumping, but is waterproof for all day wear.